2017: The Colorful Classic Modern Bride

I was thrilled to participate in this styled session with Rachael Ann's Event Design earlier this year! Neutrals have been a big color trend for weddings within the past several years and while neutrals will NEVER go out of style, I believe 2017 will bring COLOR back to the wedding world! And I'm excited about it! Our recent trip to Thailand (I'll post more about that later!) reminded me how much I love color & how much life it can bring to decor (I may have bought several brightly colored pillow cases since returning, and I might be plotting about how to add more color to the empty walls of our new home). ANYWAY - back to weddings & this styled shoot - trends are fun, but timeless style lasts. And Rachael and all the other vendors who participated in this shoot did a fantastic job of showing how to embrace color while creating a timeless feel. 2017 brides -- take note! 

Enjoy the photos and some wedding tips from my talented florist friend, Rachael :-)

Interview with florist, Rachael Ann's Event Design:

Sarah: Overall, this styled elopement seems very classic, yet modern - you balanced bold colors with timeless pieces. What advice would you have for brides on the fence about boldly colored florals OR brides choosing to use bright colors, yet wanting to keep a timeless air about their day?

Rachael: Bold colors can be just as beautiful and timeless. It's just about using them in the right amount and pairing them with neutrals to tone it down. I'm all about brights as it can add something extra that maybe people aren't expecting which is always fun.

Sarah:  In the past few years neutral colors have been extremely popular within weddings, do you think that bold colored florals will become more popular for weddings this year? Any other ways couples are incorporating bold colors in addition to florals? 

Rachael: I certainly hope so. You never really know for sure with wedding trends but I love to be kept on my toes with what my clients decide to do with florals. A fun colored veil or belt to accent the dress would also be amazing. Maybe doing a few different colors with linens would also be a great way to incorporate some bolder colors.

Sarah: Any tips for couples planning their wedding about investing in floral design? 

Rachael: Flowers can take your wedding to the next level. They can be different styles and fit both of your personalities. It can give your special day that extra special touch. Don't blow your budget on flowers but definitely put money towards it. It'll be completely worth it.

Sarah: Are their any other floral trends that you hope will catch on in 2017? Are there any things that you hope bride's will experiment with?

Rachael: Greenery is huge this year and one of my specialties that I love working with. I would love to continue working with it way more this year so I'm super excited.

Sarah: What is something that a couple could ask for that would just thrill you creatively?

Rachael: A giant floral chandelier has always been a dream of mine to do, an archway completely covered in flowers, or a flower wall.

Sarah: Elopements have become more common over the last year - why do you think so many couples are choosing to elope? And how do these elopements look different than elopements did 20 years ago? 

Rachael: I love that couples are choosing this route. I love the intimacy of it and how it is really just about the love that the couple shares. I think couples want to steal away from maybe some of stresses of wedding planning and just wanting it simple and sweet and then having a party afterwards. My parents actually eloped and talking with my mom elopement shave become more intricate and interesting from a style perspective but I think that all comes from our generation now and how popular having those aspects are.

Sarah:  What is your favorite thing about being a florist? 

Rachael: Being able to be creative and turn my clients vision into a reality. I love making their dream come to life. I also just love working with flowers. It's definitely my happy place and I love being able to amaze myself with all that can be done.

Vendor list:

Floral design & Planning: Rachael Ann's Event Design

Invitation & Signage: White Ink Calligraphy

Wedding Dress: LVD Bridal

Tux: Street Tuxedo

Cake: Dulce Desserts

Rentals: Liberty Party Rentals

Hair & Makeup: One 10 Beauty

Sarah Sidwell is a Nashville based wedding photographer living in Franklin, Tennessee. Sarah specializes in wedding, newborn, baby, and family photography.