Navy & Blush Spring Wedding

The navy + blush tones perfectly complimented this couple's big day. The charming and sunlit church was another beautiful part of it all! Keep scrolling so you don't miss the fun dance pictures from the reception!

                      Meet Clare + Clay

- How did you meet your husband/wife? What is your dating and/or proposal story?

Clay’s perspective:

How We Met: Clare and I met on April 28, 2012 at the “JDRF Promise Gala. We attended the gala with separate groups of friends who didn’t know each other, and we ended up all going to a local bar together after the event. Clare and I seemed to hit it off instantly, and we spent most of the night talking to each other well after our friends had left. I was immediately attracted to how down to earth she was and could tell she was truly a caring and loving person. Unfortunately, I had a girlfriend at the time, but deep down I knew Clare was going to be someone special. Six months later, fate intervened and we met again at the UT vs Vanderbilt football game. This time, we were both single.

Our First Date: Shortly after our second run in, we went on our first date together. Wanting to make a great impression, I suggested dinner at a restaurant neither of us had tried, Jackson’s in Hillsboro Village. I was extremely nervous and wanted everything to be perfect, because I had never been more attracted to a girl in my life. I remember everything about the night but what still sticks out to me this day was remembering how I thought we had only been at the restaurant for an hour or so and looking at my watch realizing we had been talking for 3 hours. Her sister had even messaged Clare asking if she was ok! I knew from that very first night that I wanted to marry her.
The Engagement: Fast forward to December 19, 2015, Clare and I both enjoy hiking and had been wanting to try a new trail called the Fiery Gizzard in the South Cumberland State park near Monteagle, TN. I knew we wouldn’t have much daylight, so I tried to get Clare up and going early (which is a struggle for those of you who know her night schedule). I was worried Clare would cancel the trip because she hadn’t been feeling well that week, but being the trooper she is, she was determined to carry on. On top of being sick, the day did not start out well. On our drive down, Clare got a call that her credit card had been stolen. Then, she realized she had forgotten a spoon to eat her yogurt. Well, that was icing on the cake, she was officially in a bad mood. In my mind, I debated if we should just turn around….but we forged ahead. The day was absolutely perfect for hiking. Upper 40s and low 50s without a cloud in the sky and you couldn’t ask for a better December day. The trail was breathtaking…we hiked through shaded valleys along a creek with numerous pools and waterfalls. We stopped to take pictures of each site, but I was quick to keep her moving because I knew we were short on time. We hiked in about 5 miles to an overlook called Raven’s Point. We had never hiked this trail before so I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how far the Point was or if there would be a hundred people there watching us. We finally made it to the Point, and to my luck, we were the only ones there. We set up a picnic lunch under a tree and looked out over the valley. As we reflected on the view, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a tiny box. I mumbled something cheesy (I was so worried about the hike I hadn’t thought at all about what to say!) and asked her to marry me. Having nowhere to go but off a cliff, she said yes! She claims it was her cold, but I like to think it was the emotions of the moment that made her teary-eye.

- Are there any particular items that were part of your wedding day that have an interesting story behind them or hold important meaning/value to you personally?

I wore the same earrings my mom wore for her wedding!

- Describe your color pallet:

I loved the idea of a dark blue so I used that as my main color. I liked the idea of white flowers with some greenery mixed in, but my mom wanted to add in some blush colored flowers for my bouquet which turned out perfectly.


- What drew you to your venue choices?

I always wanted to get married in a church and lately that has been the church I attend most often. I think it is a beautiful church.


- What are your favorite things about being married so far?

Our honeymoon in Mexico!

Congratulations Clare & Clay! We are so excited for your marriage!

Vendors - 

Planner/Designer/coordinatior: Coordinator-Amanda Stone, AMEvents


Ceremony & Reception Location: Christ the King Carhilic Church and Parish Hall


Invitation Designer: Danielleb,


Caterer: Chris Holmes and The Clean Plate Club


 Floral Designer: Jim Knestrick, Knestrick by Design


 Cake and/or other desserts: Leland Riggan


Dress: Augusta Jones


Veil: Stephania


Bridal Shop: The Bride Room


Groom's suit: Calvin Klein for Men's Warehouse


Bridesmaid dresses: Lela Rose


Getting ready robes: -Jeylafashions


Groomsmen's suits: Calvin Klein for Men's Warehouse


Bride's shoes: Benjamin Adams


Videographer: Ives Salvert


Live music: The 8-South Band


 Rentals: Liberty Party Rentals, Nashville Audio Video


 Makeup Artist: Joy Travis, Andi Turner


 Hairstylist: Amanda Goodsell

Sarah Sidwell is a Nashville based wedding photographer living in Franklin, Tennessee. Sarah specializes in wedding, newborn, baby, child, family, and lifestyle documentary photography.