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This wedding is proof that no small wedding should be underestimated! It was such an intimate yet romantic day. Make sure you read about how they chose the sweet!

                    Meet Emily + Seth


- What was your favorite moments of your wedding day? 

Seeing each other for the first time was by far the best part of the day. We locked eyes immediately and didn't stop looking at each other until the ceremony was over!

- What are some of your favorite characteristics about your spouse // What do you most admire about your loved one?

Something that stands out to both of us about our relationship is that we genuinely love the other person for who they are, which creates a level of trust and security that neither of us has ever felt before. Plus, it frees us to be ourselves even more without any pretense! We say we have magic love.

- You two seemed to do an excellent job of sharing wedding planning responsibilities -- any advice you'd give other couples on how to do this? Any advice you'd give other couples about keeping a healthy/growing relationship through the wedding planning process?

Our deal was I (Emily) planned the wedding and Seth planned the honeymoon. He gave me the liberty to make the decisions I thought were best, and decisions I wasn't sure about I asked his opinion on. He always asked if he could help me with anything, and I took him up on that offer when I needed it. But I'm much more of a detail person than he is (and he knows it!), so he was more than happy to hand over the reins, and I was more than happy to take them!

- Can you share something you learned through the wedding planning process? (ex: what's important vs. what's not? something you'd recommend everyone do?)

I would recommend not leaving for your honeymoon the day after the wedding, because you'll be exhausted! Seth and I spent 2 nights at a hotel before going on our honeymoon, which was perfect. Also, proofread invitations, labels, place cards, seating charts... everything! I'm an editor so this comes naturally to me, but no one wants to see their name misspelled! One last thing: if you're going to splurge on anything, make it the food and the photography, Those are the things people remember!

- How did you meet your husband/wife? What is your dating and/or proposal story?

Funny story... we actually met on Bumble! Our first date was on January 4, and we knew by the second date we were going to get married. Seth proposed on March 25, and we were married 2 months later on May 27!

- What drew you to your venue choices?

Almost 10 years ago I (Emily) worked at a small religious publishing company west of Nashville, and I would drive by All Saints Episcopal Church several times a week to go get some lunch. From the first time I saw it I knew I wanted to get married there.


Planner/Designer/coordinatior: Courtney Crew

Getting Ready Location: An AirBnB house in Sylvan Park

Ceremony Location: All Saints Episcopal Church

Reception Location: Thompson Hotel

Invitation Designer: Rock Paper Scissors

Caterer: Marsh House

Floral Designer: Rosemary & Finch

Cake and/or other desserts: Dulce Dessert

 Bridal Shop: David's Bridal

·Groom's suit: Haymakers

Bridesmaid dresses: David's Bridal

Getting ready robes: David's Bridal

 Bride's shoes: David's Bridal

Groom's shoes: Haymakers

 Makeup Artist: Cara Watts from Lunatic Fringe

 Hairstylist: Cara Watts from Lunatic Fringe

Sarah Sidwell is a Nashville based wedding photographer living in Franklin, Tennessee. Sarah specializes in wedding, newborn, baby, child, family, and lifestyle documentary photography.