Family Photo Gallery Wall | Use photos as stylish home decor

Have you ever heard the saying, “Babies don’t keep, but photos do”? Well its true! But not just for babies - for your children of all ages! These stages of young growth are quick and it is so important to slow down and soak in (and appreciate) as many stages as possible for your family. Photographs always help me to appreciate and remember particular stages of life.
However, if those photos get buried on your computer or some other form of digital storage — what was the point!? How often will you see them and enjoy them, if ever!?
Family photos are meant to be seen and ENJOYED by YOU and your children!

This is why I provide ways for my clients to use photos as stylish home decor. This can be accomplished through displaying beautiful photo albums on a coffee table or shelf OR, as this particular family chose, through a modern & clean family photo gallery wall!

These photos are from baby brother’s 6 month session and I had so much fun installing them!

Gallery walls can be all from one session, or we can mix multiple sessions into one gallery wall. If you would like to mix multiple sessions into one gallery wall, I’ll help you plan your outfit choices so that the colors from each session work well together!


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This post should give you a peak into what you will receive when you commission me to photograph your family or wedding. 

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