Senior Portrait Album | Addison

Little known fact: I taught middle school & high school art for a few years before going full time with my photography. So even though I don’t book sessions for senior portraits often, I always enjoy it and make sure they are fun. Addison’s session was no exception! She is joyful, smart, and her future is bright!

Originally, Addison and her mom considered a printed photo for the wall in their home, but after visiting with them at their home, we decided a keepsake heirloom album was the way to go. Their walls were already quite full with photos of all of their kids, and this way they could print as many as they wanted without worrying about wall space - or about leaving enough space for her younger siblings’ senior photos someday!

Addison and her mom laughed about how, someday, Addison’s own children may come over to “Grandma & Grandpa’s house” and flip through her senior portrait album, laughing at how “cool” their mom thought she was back then. I don’t know about you, but I think Addison is pretty cool - the kind of cool that lasts a long time!


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