Nashville Maternity Photography | A Gift to Your Child

Expectant mamas, you may choose maternity photography for a variety of reasons. Some women want to look back on their pregnancy and marvel at what their body has done. Some of you choose to pamper yourselves, and see your beauty through my lens during a physically difficult time (I love surprising women with how beautiful they look in their photos!). Another special reason you might choose maternity photography is as a gift to your child.

Perhaps that sounds a little cheesy, but as children grow and develop, they become curious about the time before they were born. Especially for young children who think concretely, it is meaningful to have pictures to look at when they were inside mommy’s tummy.

I can imagine this mama telling her little girl a couple years from now so many sweet and funny stories...about the cravings baby girl baby girl would flip and kick and do gymnastics inside mommy's tummy while she tried to mom and dad used to talk and sing to her everyday before she was born...

Stories like these help children understand how loved, valued, and wanted they have always been. How special for this baby girl that she will have these beautiful photographs to look at while her parents tell her stories from before she was born!


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This post should give you a peak into what you will receive when you commission me to photograph your family or wedding. 

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Studies show that displaying family photos of parents, of children (all phases - newborn through adolescent), and of the family all together can help to boost a child's self esteem & confidence. This is what excites me most about my work. As a former art teacher, I love children and want to help you preserve your memories, as well as help your children remember how much they are loved by their family. 

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