Best of Family Sessions 2018

Ah, the best of family sessions for 2018! I’ve been bursting to share this groups of photos, there’s something about family sessions that make my heart flutter. My favorite part of this job is meeting a sweet family and then getting to see them grow and change as they come back to me for more photos. I love watching parents get comfortable in their roles as caregivers, instinctively knowing what each of their children needs. I love watching children blossom as they learn to run and play - and I especially love it when children get their parents to run and play with them bringing so much excitement and joy, reminding their adult parents to see magic in all the small moments. I love watching as children grow and see the gifts the have in their parents, clinging to them so tightly to savor every moment. It’s funny how I can see all of these things as I point my camera and spend such a short amount of time with each family, but I can! Something about the camera opens people up to bare their souls, as if they want the world to know who they truly are deep inside. What a precious gift to witness!


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