In Home Documentary: One Year Session

You think you know what cute is until you see this sweet couple and their beyond adorable little girl! Enjoy this darling documentary style session with baby Dixie!

             Baby Dixie: One Year Session

I love outdoor photos and we'd originally planned to take Dixie's 1 year photos outside, but the weather did not cooperate. Instead of rescheduling, Jennie (Dixie's mom) and I decided to head indoors for a lifestyle session that focused on capturing their family doing daily activities. So Cue naptime snuggles, a little bit of baby belly tickling, and an adorable kitchen sink bath. 

After all this cuteness, I'm not angry one bit about the weather changing our plans! I love these memories that Dixie will get to look back on as she grows. She will get to see the love her mom and dad showed for her in everyday activities and she will love seeing everyone's expressions. 

So outdoor or indoor family sessions - bring them on! Let me know if you are interested in a lifestyle session like this one - Just click the contact tab at the top.