Windy Mint Springs Farm: Spring Bridal Portraits

Bridal sessions are the perfect excuse to celebrate being a bride! Getting dolled up, doing a trial run with makeup & hair, practicing how to walk in your dress, and twirling your little bridal heart out are just a few of the perks of having a bridal session! 

the Vision: Movement

When Christina asked me about doing a bridal session and mentioned wanting to incorporate movement in her photos - my photographer heart skipped a beat! Christina had seen a previous bridal session I'd photographed with a giddy joyful bride and was inspired to create some bridal portraits that were classic & timeless, yet more unique and non-traditional. The day of her bridal session the crisp blue skies & spring time wind were really showing off. The wind caught Christina's veil and it came alive! We pushed ourselves to experiment with the energy of the cathedral veil + wind -- the resulting images have a special magic about them, they are playful, joyful, and some sets have a romantic drama added to them. The whole time Christina or her veil was moving -- and I loved it! 

Check out the images below! You may have images of Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music twirling on a hilltop flash before your eyes!