Sarah Sidwell Photography couples tend to...

  • Want their wedding day to be captured in a timeless, authentic way that allows them to remember how their wedding day felt anytime they look at their photos.
  • Hide love notes for their fiance to find inside phone notes, emails, and note pads.
  • Like planning things, but isn't afraid of spontaneous decisions and adventures.
  • Want their wedding photography to enhance their wedding day experience and likes the idea that the time spent taking photos can also be used to help them be present, soak in, and remember special parts of their day.
  • Like Toms, Anthro Candles, Scrolling through Magnolia Market's online home decor, Frye Boots, and the Nate Burkes section of Target.
  • Have spur of the moment dance parties, just the two of them.
  • Think take-out, a movie, blankets, snuggles, and hot cocoa are perfectly acceptable Friday date-night plans.
  • Believe that photos are meant to be printed instead of just stored on a hard-drive.
  • Find ways to make even mundane or dreaded tasks feel like fun when they are together.
  • Believes in quality over quantity. Would much rather have a few nice things that they value deeply than a bunch of things that are just okay. Invests in things that matter most to them.
  • Wants a beautiful wedding, but wants a beautiful MARRIAGE even more. 
  • Understands that after their wedding day is over, the photos and their memories are the only things that remain from the day.