learn a little bit more about mark & sarah

Sarah Sidwell Photography || Facts about Sarah || Nashville, Tennessee Family & Wedding Photographer
  • I almost always wear a dress or leggings (comfort is #1)
  • Lipstick makes me feel put together. 
  • Late night dance parties by myself bring me great joy. 
  • I used to be an Art teacher — some of my favorite clothes are stained with paint, but that doesn't stop me from wearing them. 
  • I believe that printed photographs in your home can encourage you on difficult days and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the best days
  • Adulthood has taught me — fresh flowers really do brighten up an entire room. 
  • Always have & always will love Taylor Swift.
  • I tear up at least once during a wedding - I'm a sucker for personalized vows, first dances, and speeches. 
  • I stuff my pj pants into my socks at night to keep warm (again, comfort is #1).

Just a few of the many things I love about my husband: 
He cooks healthy delicious food
He is a DJ in our house. He picks awesome songs to get us excited on our drives to weddings!
If we have to get up really early, and I am having a hard time waking up — he gets me to dance. 
He rubs my feet (Can foot rubs be a love language??)


First off, come on, we all have our contradictions - right?!

  • Is a night owl that loves morning light
  • A homebody who loves to go on adventures
  • A planner who thinks some of life's best memories come from spontaneous decisions
  • Values eating healthy, but always keeps an organic chocolate bar in her desk while editing (chocolate ginger or chocolate orange or blueberry are my favs!)
  • By nature always has the "end goal" in mind, but strongly believes enjoying the process/journey is of great value. 
Sarah Sidwell Photography || Sarah's Contradictions || Nashville Wedding and Family Photographer
Sarah Sidwell Photography || Mark & Sarah's Similarities || Nashville, Tennessee Family & Wedding Photographer
  • Introverts that love meeting new people
  • We both love Thai food, Mexican & Sushi
  • We LOVE to drink Kombucha
  • I, Sarah, think we are a similar "level of clean"
  • We both think a Friday night on the couch with a movie and popcorn AND our pup Wilson is perfection. 
  • We are both homebodies that like to go on adventures. 
  • We love HGTV.
  • On a day off we love hiking, thrifting, cooking, and just cuddling on the couch. 
  • Mark secretly thinks he has a higher "level of clean" than Sarah. but this could be debated ;) 
  • Mark is pretty up to date on pop-culture things, Sarah is pretty clueless - He keeps her informed when needed. 
  • Sarah makes Mark talk about his feelings. 
  • Mark likes scary movies, Sarah tries to avoid them. 
Sarah Sidwell Photography || Mark & Sarah's Balancing Differences || Nashville, Tennessee Family & Wedding Photographer